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04 Dec

Bing Pulse Now Available To The Public


Bing recently launched its Pulse online polling service to the general public, meaning anyone can pick up and use this highly effective tool. This move signals the company's desire to grow and expand away from traditional search engine services.

Originally launched in February 2013, Pulse is used to harvest user sentiment regarding a particular subject. Some of its first uses involved TV shows and political campaigns, in which viewers would visit a URL to "agree" or "disagree" on a related question. This otherwise simple format proved highly effective at capturing user sentiment. Polling questions could even be sent out during a live televised event.

Up until now, however, Pulse has been limited to Bing's partners. Fox News, for instance, is one such partner who's leveraged the power of Bing's online polling program. The news station used Pulse to gauge viewers' opinion during the State of The Union address earlier this year, attracting millions of votes.

But now the general public is able to use Bing Pulse thanks to the recent 2.0 release. Users can create their own custom polls on Bing's user-friendly web-based interface. The service also allows users to send messages to their audience, graph reactions/answers, and even set up social feeds and video streams (feature coming soon).

"Over the past two years, Bing Pulse has enabled massive real-time viewer polling and feedback for a range of broadcasters and organizations, managing 35 million votes for events ranging from small auditorium conversations hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative to two of President Obama’s State of the Union addresses on Fox News. Now, Bing Pulse 2.0 beta brings an easy-to-use, self-service version of this voting technology to event planners, producers and participants of any size gathering," wrote Bing on its Pulse website.

It's important to note that while Bing Pulse is currently free, the Microsoft-owned company plans to move to a freemium model starting next year. This means you can expect to see both a free and upgrade/paid version of the service available. There's still no word yet on how much the upgrade will cost, nor do we know what type of features it will include, but you can check back with our blog here for all of the latest news.

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